Our Philosophy

My philosophy to the college recruiting process has been learned over 5 years of working specifically in helping prospects navigate the soccer recruiting process.

My philosophy focuses on:


1) The prospect and family’s understanding of the prospects ability. I have learned that although you love playing soccer, if you start the recruiting process pursuing schools that are above your ability, you end up spending unnecessary money and become frustrated in the process. You can improve year to year but be realistic.


2) Do you play on a strong club team? If you want to play college soccer at a high level, start with your club team. Top college programs watch top club soccer.


3) Work, work, work! There are three parts of the work that must be done. First, is to train. Playing college soccer requires training. To become the best, you have to work at it. Technical skills separate players on the field and continuous growth is something coaches track. Second, is working through the recruiting process. The recruiting process requires prospects and their families to commit to the work that it takes to earn a scholarship. Ask any college player, no matter what the level of play, and they will tell you that the recruiting process required the same effort of work that is given on the pitch. The final work component is school. Academics are a huge part of the recruiting process and of course in the scholarship package. Test scores and GPA are as important in the recruiting process as goals, assists, and saves. I have had college coaches tell me that a prospect isn’t someone they want to pursue because the grades do not meet their requirements.


4) Understand the college soccer recruiting process. Most prospects and their families have been involved in competitive soccer for close to a decade. They rely on myths and people who really do not understand the modern college soccer template for recruiting. At the end of the day, the recruiting process is the final and most important part (starting approximately at U15) to achieving your dream of earning a college soccer scholarship. You probably pay someone to handle your taxes and finances. So why would you handle your own recruiting? Kick2College was established by my passion for soccer and working with kids. I combined them five years ago and have been assisting club level players through the recruiting process ever since. Over that time I have built relationships with college coaches that have helped streamline the recruiting process, helped families minimize expenditures during the recruiting process, and more importantly, helped families earn college scholarships.